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    Chinese government provides more scholarships to attract students from Latin American and Caribbean countries.

    The article presents data and trends in student mobility to China over the last decade.

    Work authorization and internship opportunities to foreign studentsThe newest Exit-Entry...
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    EduPRChina Workshop & FAMtrip October 2014
    It's an event organised for foreign universities taking part in [link]Global Partners Conference October 2014 in Beijing. This activity will take place in Hangzhou.

    Global Partners Conference October 2014
    The conference takes place in Bejing. It gives opportunity to Chinese universities to meet international recruitment agencies.

    Anhui University of Technology
    Anhui University of Technology renowned for its study of metallurgy and materials science and now offers well developed programs in other courses.

    Sanda University
    Shanghai Sanda is a private university founded by professors from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University.